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Colored Portrait
Beatrice Bumble by MissLilaLightning FOXDRY by MissLilaLightning 
Single character, fully rendered coloring
Witchfinger Reference by MissLilaLightningMoondrop Reference by MissLilaLightningOrange-Ade by MissLilaLightning
Simple reference image of your pony, including swatches from their pallet for quick colordropping



Artist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Lightning, and my aesthetic is best described as cheesy goth halloween bullshit, terrifying monsters in loving relationships with cute girls, and furries.

I'm the perkiest goth you'll ever meet and drawing porn is my passion. <3
DeviantArt only allows soft core, but other links are hardcore and 18+ unless stated otherwise
These are fun :3

I was tagged by :iconnewbloodalice: this time around!

You have to post these rules.
Each person has to share 13 things about them. 
Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
Choose 13 people.
You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
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Tag-backs are ALLOWED.

  1. What inspired you to draw?
    Honestly, success. I've always wanted to have some level of fame, and I admire people who are hard working and talented enough to achieve their goals! It hasn't been easy for me, however, turns out being self motivated is a lot harder than it looks!
  2. Do you have a favorite voice actor?
    Let's see.... I really admire Tara Strong? She's super cool, done a lot of fantastic work. And Dee Bradley Baker is SUPER cool as well
  3. Do you eat food in an odd way?
    I'm anime garbage so i always do the waifu style "aaaamph" sound before i take a bite. 
  4. What's your childhood TV show?
  5. What was your first video game?
    Pokemon leafgreen! <3 i still remember my original team and i love them to the ends of the earth
  6. What drove you to RP and if you don't RP what drove you make your OC?
    Oh gosh, i remember when i first started RPing. Fucking neopets man. i met a really good friend of mine through rping, and a lot of my characters are from my neopets era xD
  7. What's your favorite OC that you've made?
    Audry fucking Adams everyone. The self insert thats no longer a self insert
  8. Favorite fictional character?
    Chase Young. His voice still gives me butterflies <3
  9. Singing or Dancing and why?
    neither :\ I used to sing but im out of practice and i dance like a caucasian because i am one
  10. What is/was your best school subject?
    I'm really good at history. It's just storytime! <3
  11. Do you tumble sir? (i.e. do you have tumblr)
    I do! I dont post anything yet though
  12. Do you have a childhood phase that you regret?
    Nah. Everything thats happened to me has made me who i am today!
  13. If you had a super power, any super power, what would it be?
    Author Powers. I would essentially just want to be Audry. Can I be Audry? Sexy dimension traveler with a lot of genre savvy angst?
OK now some fun facts, i suppose

1. I really like f-list. i would play on there a lot more if i could find some RP partners for Audry
2. i finally obtained my dream hairstyle. side shave with a blue gradient!
3. I love my pet lizard she is a beautiful creature named felix
4. i've been playing pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky lately! i just beat darkrai
5. I finished my pokedex on pokemon sun and moon and i've found 4 shinies so far!
6. I moved departments in my day job recently, and its been stressful learning a new area but also really fun!
7. I hate christmas. the capitalist commercialism is hell
8. Stufful is my new favorite pokemon, and the first shiny pokemon i found was a shiny stufful! i named her Peaches
9. My partner in mystery dungeon is a riolu named after my wife <3
10. I'm running out of ideas for facts uhhhhh
11. my favorite color is red? have i said that before?
12. I have a rash on my legs that might be caused by my cat?
13. i'm pretty sure no one needed to know that last fact

thirteen questions now!

1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
2. Favorite videos to watch on youtube?
3. If you could learn one skill, what would it be?
4. Have you ever 100% completed any video games?
5. What's your dream job?
6. Whats your dream pet?
7. What's your latest project? working on anything cool?
8. Do you like where you're living now?
9. Favorite moment of 2016?
10. Worst moment of 2016?
11. favorite color? be specific here, give me some hex codes!
12. who do you talk to the most?
13. Do you consider 13 to be an unlucky number?

and finally TAGS!

1. :icondakotastomp96:
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13. :icondtfox:


hey remember that time i was an artist who actually frickin updated? good times
so im feeling better, but the holidays have been kicking my ass. 40+ hour work week and i finished finals like last week. i am ready for 2016 to be over. after new years i'm gonna get back into my routine. i know i owe people art, thanks for being patient. o-o;
bleh i've been sick and haven't been working on anything ;^; send me some love guys, i hope i feel better soon
I try to maintain super happy ecchi funtimes here on the deviant art dot com but DAMN this election tho
my icon is now the garbage serial killer husbando frat boy


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